InstallUnion FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our downloadmanager allows you an extra stream of income on top of the existing ones if you already have. This stream generally performs better than Google Adsense even in terms of global payout, so why not use both?
It is also a good way to have secure hosting for your files, and track all the install statistics per file.
Our download manager performs better than a content locker revenue wise.
Not to forget, "content lockers" have many disadvantages which usually make the visitor complaints flood in. Not all countries have offers and if there are any offers, these are usually too hard to complete for user. The result is that only 1-3% of your audience actually completes the offer and generates your website revenue.
- Upload your file
- Choose a name, description and icon
- Use our monetization link on your channels and websites.
No, you can simply send traffic to your monetization link from online channels such as YouTube or social media, or backlinks on forums.
It depends on the country of the user and which offers are accepted. US and European audiences generate the highest revenue, because we have more advertisers that want to pay to present offers to these countries.
Having said that..
A US user can be worth up to $0.85 USD. The average is around $0.3 taking offer accept rate into account. European users are worth less, but still considerably more than some Asian.
No. We are very strict in this. If you do that, you get banned by our detection systems.
Each first of the month, the earnings out paid out. Minimum payout is $10 USD. We do payments through Paypal.
There is no limit to the amount of files. Keep in mind that more files does not necessarily mean more revenue. The amount of unique users is what matters. So if more files allows you to target more unique users, by any means.
We follow the law. Which means that we research the complaints and have to delete the file (and ban the account) if it holds truth. If you are in doubt about the distribution rights, do not upload the file.
We have algorithms in place that does this.
No. We're not planning to have one.
If you as a software developer have a high volume website, we're willing to do a custom integration that does not go through our download landing page. Contact us for this.
Minimum requirement is that your website has a top 100,000 rank on Alexa for the USA.
We do not take individuals as advertisers. If you are representing a company, please use our contact form. We reject most of the advertisers and only choose to work with a big names such as Anti-Virus companies.
Our company is based in The Netherlands, but we operate worldwide.