Our Pay Per Install solutions help software publishers to monetize installs!

Unite with us getting the most out of Desktop Software distribution

Monetize Your Windows Desktop Installs

Our platform enables your stream of installs to be monetized by bundling it with our software. The installer is a clean one, without blocks or detections, allowing the software distributors maximum profit and longterm stable income. We promise optimal user experience as we don't work with thirdparty companies installing obtrusive software. Our partners will only distribute our own checked and clean monetization software providing one of the highest payouts.


The daily statistics show insight in the revenue channel


We prepare custom solutions and tweak to meet the requirements

A few words About Us

Who we are

Our team of talented developers consists of reverse engineering- and cryptography experts. The team is based The Netherlands (Europe).

Why InstallUnion

We think offering quality support, frequent (monthly) payments and a clean solution will create honest win-win solutions for both parties. This allows the distributors to earn exactly what they deserve.

Who we work with

We provide our solutions to premium software distributors all over the world that have legitimate software. We work with the major search engines to monetize the installs.

Users First

We pursue a policy in which user experience plays a keyrole. This is not just to actually deliver quality, but also to extend the lifetime of the software and thus increase the returns.

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