Publisher Terms

The rules, requirements and terms for being an InstallUnion Publisher

Following are the Publisher Terms when using InstallUnion. This is an addition to the general Terms of Service. These Terms and rules are subject to change, but can be reviewed at any time by visiting this page. By registering on our website, the publisher fully agrees to all the rules and abides by it. Not abiding by the rules results in a swift account termination.

Publisher Requirements

File Requirements
  • Your own files that you want to share with your website or social audience
  • Files / PDFs where you have the legal right to copy and distribute
  • Maximum file size: 25Mb
Not Allowed:
  • Copyrighted files
  • Illegal files
  • Software and Executables
  • Malicious files
  • Files related to Porn/Adult, Drugs, Gambling, Crime, Violence, Movies or Music

Traffic Requirements
  • Only legit visitors from your own websites, or channels (includes Blogs, YouTube and other social media)
Not Allowed:
  • Paid traffic (CPM, CPA, CPV, Pop-ups etc)
  • Incentive traffic
  • Proxy, Bot, VPN traffic
  • Traffic coming from websites that have Pornographic/Adult, Drugs, Gambling, Crime or Violent content


1. The only reason for us to terminate an account is inactivity, negation of rules or fraud.
2. Not abiding by the 'File' and 'Traffic' rules results in a swift account termination.
3. We have automatic and manual checks in place to check any fraudulent activity. In case of an automatic / algorithmic detection the system automatically closes the account and the decision is not debatable.
4. In case of fraud, any earnings will not be paid out.
5. Current and future cooperation will cease to exist.

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